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Binders World - Terrains offers many, at present 1645, free terrains as LLRAW (.raw) or RAW32 (.r32/.f32) files for OpenSimulator regions. The terrains are for both standard, mega and varregions, ranging in size from 256x256 m (standard) to 2560x2560 m (10x10). Most are softly undulating hilly landscapes, but also some special terrains, like geometric shapes and mazes. The LLRAW (.raw) files are either loaded through the sim console command, e.g. "terrain load example.raw" if the file "example.raw" is present in the OpenSim bin directory, or uploaded via the OpenSimulator viewer's region/estate terrain controls. The RAW32 (.r32/.f32) files can only be loaded through the sim console command.

These terrains, except the default "pinhead" island, are originally designed by Binder World and released to the public domain, Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0).


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Soft, hilly islands

These are created by a random algorithm using Adobe Photoshop, which gives soft hills, usually filling one region well with a varied landscape.

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Geometric terrains

These are created by geometric construction or using various mathematical algorithms.

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Miscellaneous terrains

These are created in "odd" ways, e.g. by dumping terrains available or created in OpenSimulator.

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These are generated by a PERL program generating "perfect" mazes, i.e. with only one way through them and no isolated "islands".

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